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  • FAA Fuel Tank Management Program

    Western Region, USA

    Bristol Environmental Remediation Services, LLC

    Engineering and construction services at active and former FAA installations.

  • Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point Rail Construction

    Southport, NC

    Bristol Construction Services, LLC

    Removal/reinstallation of 78,000-track feet at a major Department of Defense port.

  • Range 53 and Training Area 06

    Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

    Bristol Environmental Remediation Services, LLC

    Intrusive investigation of 38,000 targets of interest and disposal of more than 30,000 pounds of munitions debris in two ranges.

  • West Side Forward Operating Base Training Structure

    Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

    Bristol General Contractors, LLC

    Replication of a Forward Operations Base in an active war zone.

  • Marine Corps Reserve Headquarters

    New Orleans, LA

    Bristol General Contractors, LLC

    Renovations to the North Gate, including fencing, drainage and security upgrades.

  • Teamwork, Trust and Truth

    Bristol Construction Services install a box culvert base on the Chester Creek project.

    Zero Incidents, Zero Injuries and Zero Losses.

  • Point Lay Removal Action

    Point Lay, AK

    Bristol Environmental Remediation Services, LLC

    Performed remediation work, including landfill excavation, and ice road construction for transport and disposal.

  • Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan

    Clarks Point, AK

    Bristol Engineering Services Company, LLC

    Prepared an Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan to address management options for the community.

The Bristol Alliance of Companies

United by Excellence

Bristol companies provide a range of services, including  engineering; heavy, civil and vertical construction; environmental remediation; fuel systems; range and unexploded ordnance response services; electrical and telecommunications services; and demolition and site preparation services throughout the United States, its territories and select international locations.

Each company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bristol Industries, LLC, an Alaska Native company, which is jointly owned by Choggiung Ltd. (Choggiung) and Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC).

Marketed under the umbrella of the Bristol Alliance of Companies are:

  • Bristol Industries, LLC
  • Bristol Construction Services, LLC
  • Bristol Design Build Services, LLC
  • Bristol Engineering Services Company, LLC
  • Bristol Environmental Remediation Services, LLC
  • Bristol Environmental Solutions, LLC
  • Bristol General Contractors, LLC
  • Bristol Infrastructure Design Services, LLC
  • Bristol Prime Contractors, LLC
  • Bristol Site Contractors, LLC
  • Umyuaq Consulting Group, LLC



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